Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How do I find my photos?

Q2: I can’t find my photos

Q3: You emailed me a link to my photos but there are none

Q4: How do I order my photo?

Q5: Do I have to order a pack without seeing all my photos?

Q6: I want to order my photo from “More Photos”

Q7: How do I add my swim photos to my album?

Q8: What does “Preview” mean?

Q9: There is an error in the preview of my photo

Q10: Can I crop my photo before I order it?

Q11: I want to order more photos from the same event

Q12: I want to order more photos from different events

Q13: I can’t add photos from different events to my shopping cart

Q14: I am happy with my order and I am ready to pay

Q15: What are my payment options?

Q16: Why do you want my email address?

Q17: I have forgotten my access code

Q18: How do I know my order has been accepted?

Q19: When will my order be ready?

Q20: My 5”x7” print won’t fit the frame.

Q21: What is the difference between the Digital Pack, Digital Super Pack and Digital Mega Pack?

Q22: Can I include another person’s images in my digital pack?

Q23: Will I get printed photos if I order a digital option?

Q24: How big can I print a digital image?

Q25: How do I download my images?

Q26: Can I upload my images to my social networking website?

Q27: Can I download images or video to my mobile device?

Q28: Can I buy my video?

Q29: When will my video be ready to download?

Q30: How do I watch the video on my computer?

Q31: I placed my order a long time ago and I haven’t received anything.

Q32: I placed my order and had no contact at all.

Q33: What is your refund policy?

Q34: What is your privacy policy?

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